The Christmas Tree That Wouldn't Stop Growing

Last Updated 12/16/2021

Happy Holidays to All Seekers of Love!

Once there was a couple, they were Soulmates, who bought the most beautiful Christmas tree on the lot. On the first day of Christmas they hung a bulb on the tree which said "PEACE." They wished one another a life time of PEACE and then kissed goodnight. When they awakened the next morning it almost seemed as though the tree had grown a bit.

That evening they hung a second ornament on the tree which said "TENDERNESS." They wished one another a life time of TENDERNESS and again they kissed goodnight. The next morning there was no doubt about it, the tree had definitely grown.

On the third evening, they hung another bulb which said "TRUST." After hanging the ornament they reaffirmed their TRUST in one another and also their TRUST in the Divine and then kissed goodnight. The next morning, the tree had hit the ceiling and was ready to break through.

The next day, they figured they were on a roll and hung a fourth bulb which said "COMPASSION" and they vowed to be eternally COMPASSIONATE towards one another and to extend this COMPASSION towards their fellow humans. They kissed goodnight and awakened the next morning to find that the tree and broken through to the second story and was now in their bedroom!

By the fifth day they were having the time of their lives when they placed the bulb of "APPRECIATION" on the tree. They already appreciated one another deeply but swore that that they would never take one another for granted and to appreciate even the most insignificant parts of their lives. Again, they kissed good night and fell into a blissful sleep. The next morning, the tree had grown some more.

The couple were beginning to totally appreciate the growing presence of the tree. The fragrance of the fir tree provided a soothing ambiance throughout their home.The sixth ornament was bearing the title of "HOPE." The couple already had expressed their "HOPES" for nothing but the best for one another. However, they also sent HOPES of GOOD WILL to their fellow humans. After placing the bulb on the tree and kissing good night, they experienced the most rejuvenating sleep ever. Surprise, surprise, in the morning the tree had grown even more!

On the seventh evening, they selected the ornament of "BLISS." They already believed that they had achieved a relationship of "BLISS" but they said a prayer for the expansion and growth for more BLISS in their relationship. They kissed goodnight and yes, the tree grew more.

On the eighth day of Christmas, the couple chose the bulb of "ADORATION." As they hung the bulb on the tree, they renewed their vow that as SOULMATES, they were meant to ADORE one another. They exchanged kisses of ADORATION and awoke the next morning to find that the tree had was ready to break through the bedroom ceiling.

On the ninth day of Christmas, the couple chose the ornament of "HAPPINESS." They then said a prayer for Divine strength to enable them to continue to water the seeds of HAPPINESS in their relationship. They kissed goodnight and they had an even more relaxing sleep. They actually needed it because in the morning they discovered that the tree had broken through the bedroom ceiling and was now in the attic.

That evening the couple chose the ornament of "ADMIRATION" and glowed at how much they admired one another. The bulb was put on the appropriate spot and after kissing goodnight they drifted off into a very tranquil sleep. The next morning they awakened to find the tree even taller.

On the eleventh day they chose the ornament, "CHERISH." They reveled at how much they cherished one another as they placed the ornament on the tree. Again they fell asleep after kissing goodnight. At first they were a little worried since the tree was heading for the attic roof. They were however consoled by the thought that perhaps there was a reason for this miraculous tree. Upon awakening, they did discover that the tree was indeed ready to break through the attic roof.

On the twelfth and final night, the couple invited family and friends to share the experience of adorning the final ornament which was a beautiful golden angel holding a banner which said "LOVE." Using a very tall step ladder, the man place the angel on the top of the tree and at that moment the most amazing thing happened! For just a few moments the angel came alive and stated that she had a message for the couple. Here is the message as best recalled by the witnesses: "BLESSINGS TO YOU AS A SOULMATE COUPLE! YOU HAVE APPLIED THE SPIRITUAL LAWS IN THE DEVELOPMENT AND MANIFESTATION OF YOUR COMING TOGETHER. YOU HAVE ALSO SUSTAINED THIS FAITH IN YOUR DEVOTION TO ONE ANOTHER. YOU HAVE MANIFESTED THE GIFT OF TRUE SOULMATE LOVE NOT ONLY FOR ONE ANOTHER BUT ALSO AS A GIFT TO HUMANITY. AS A RESULT OF YOUR WORK, THE DIVINE SENDS YOU THE MOST HUMBLEST THANKS!" Upon stating her decree, the angel returned to her inanimate state and the crowd was in awe as tears rolled down their cheeks.

Thank you for sharing this story with me and I wish you the happiest times. It has been a wonderful year for me both personally and professionally. I thank you all for your part in this journey!

P.S. Please don't worry about the condition of this couple's house. After they appeared on Oprah to tell this story, money poured in from around the world and they were able to knock down the old house and build a new house across the street where the tree continues to grow at a normal rate!
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